The series aims to capture practices with the “one-degree of difference”. Its various tracks create a multi-directional showcase of ideas and innovations that have had a significant impact on the habitats and built environments. Each speaker, be it an architect, engineer or CEO, creates a forum for exchange of ideas and discussions of prevalent issues in the AEC Industries.

361o signifies:

  • The sheer creativity and freshness of thought these speakers embody,setting them apart from their contemporaries.
  • The niche they carve out for themselves – thus the 361st degree that breaks away from the 360o standard and reality is defined by newer horizons of exploration they unearth/carve out for the rest of the design fraternity and the AEC industry.
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361o Videos

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    Patrik Schumacher,

    UK Zaha Hadid Architects

    “There is chance for radical Avant Grade which can be materialized. An Avant Grade nucleus can anticipate the future and actually make it happen”

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    Dr Cecil Balmond,

    UK Balmond Studio

    “Nothing is certain in nature, nothing is certain in what we do, we think we know what we do but we really don’t, at the bottom of it , are all assumptions.”

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    Late Charles Correa,

    India RIBA Gold Medal

    “Place represents that part of truth that belongs to architecture”

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    Fumihiko Maki

    Japan Pritzker 1993 Laureate

    “Time was able to give us the ability to reflect on what we had done and became the mediator between the city and its architecture”

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    Massimiliano Fuksas,

    Italy Crystal Globe IAA Grand Prix2015

    “Architecture is probably the easiest and simplest interpretation of art and culture.”

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    Sir Peter Cook,

    UK Royal Gold Medal of the RIBA

    “You have a germ of an idea, you fabricate it to a certain degree and then reconsider the idea and move it forward, a rollover between the dream and the reality and back again.”

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    Toyo Ito,

    Japan Pritzker 2013 Laureate

    “Despite being in a world dominated by Globalism, we should use new technology to create regionally unique architecture.”

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    Dr B V Doshi,

    India Pritzker 2018

    “India is diverse economically, socially, culturally and climatically. We need to stop talking about buildings and talk about a sense of community. That is what identity stems from.”