361° SOI

4th & 6th March 2021

Famous personalities are often perceived more as an enigma than person, but behind even the biggest names hides a story – a tale of their journey to the pinnacle where they stand. But sometimes the sheer force of personality that accompanies genius perhaps prevents insight into their space and life.

361° Stories of Inspiration (SOI) aspires to capture that degree of passion and ingenuity that transforms the ordinary into the exemplary in design and its experience.

361° Stories of Inspiration’s aims to make the future design thinkers profoundly successful by equipping them with inspiration and knowledge. The endeavour is to bridge the gap in professional conference market place for students.

The first edition of 361° SOI brings you path-breakers who explored and experimented in their domain of expertise to be the harbingers of change.



  • Speaker Pics

    Till Nowak, USA

    An artist and filmmaker

  • Speaker Pics

    Suresh Eriyat, India

    Indian animator & director

  • Speaker Pics

    Dominique Perrault *, France

    French architect & urban planner

  • Speaker Pics

    Rajagopalan Vasudevan, India

    Indian Scientist

  • Speaker Pics

    Xavier Vilalta, Spain

    Architect, Sustainability Advocate, TED Global Speaker

  • Speaker Pics

    René Waclavicek, Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof

    LIQUIFER Systems Group (LSG) Team

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