A tangible take on design philosophy

Sharmila Chakravorty

The architect’s studio is a sacred space – an incubator for concepts to translate into design, a safe haven for exploration, and the birthplace of groundbreaking ideas. But what does the design of an architect’s studio really say about the architect? While it is impossible to pass a universal, blanket judgement, we try and scratch the surface of this notion, as we examine Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio near Nasik.

Contextual Revitalization and Sustainable Place-making

The redesign of the Bengal Rowing Club has been approached in a manner that has resulted in a building that is relevant to today’s time that speaks of its origins and carries the potential to attract people of younger generations.

Of social responsibilities and rooted designs

Biome Environmental Solutions is a firm fundamentally associated with sustainable techniques and earthy, grounded and uncomplicated aesthetics. It imparts an easy, breathable and amicable mechanism to the built-environment it creates. While aesthetics are relative, the universal consensus perhaps lies in achieving structural beauty than superficial or cosmetic appeal. Environment and spaces are pivotal to design and successful design should be defined by the quality of life that the space offers.